Fleurs du Maroc

On our last morning in the charismatic coastal town of Essaouira, Morocco, Andy and I went in search of a florist so we could buy some flowers to say thank you to our very sweet housekeeper Latifa. When we finally found one it was closed, we were determined to show Latifa our appreciation so I knocked, and I knocked, and I knocked….. Finally a young florist appeared from the house next door and opened up for us!

The choice was limited. One vase of Lilies, roses, roses and more roses….. so we went with the roses but it was a fruitful experience!

Our french isn’t that great but we managed to find out that the roses are grown in Marrakech, the Lilies and Birds of Prey are grown in Rabat and all foliage is locally grown.

As far as floristry courses go in Morocco, she told us there is only one course run in Rabat so she was taught by her Patron. Although a very simply florist it felt as though it had all the values of a sustainable business run by people with a passion for fleurs.

There are quite a few florists in Marrakech all selling roses and making these crazy and colourful wedding gifts…….

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