Promises, promises, promises…

I promised myself I would regularly log all the things I love on here and I’m now horrified to see my last post was December last year. Don’t jump to any conclusions, many things have crossed before me that have been beautiful and made me happy but my days, evenings and dreams have been filled with something else…

The preparation for a wonderful event where I made the most public and magical promise of my life… My marriage to Andrew John Patrick Moore on the 11th June 2011.

It was mostly a DIY wedding and my eager fingers beavered away making all manner of things from crackers…..

and hats to go in crackers…..

a wishing tree surrounded by pretty Sweet Williams………..

name and table places and recycled spaghetti tins filled with sumptuous pink Peonies, delicate Sweet Peas (Lathyrus odoratus) and lively Alchemilla mollis (or Lady’s Mantle to some of you!)

Call me biased  but I blooming love my Bridal Bouquet. With so much to do and the need for relaxation on my wedding morning I decided to hand over the very precious responsibility to the amazing people at Angel Flowers (I’m on their website!) and here it is. WOW.

Amnesia and ocean song Ecuadorian roses, flowering lavender, eucalyptus, brunia albiflora and lamb’s ear..

And if you’re wondering who took these fantastic photo’s it’s Megan Taylor!

Thank you Meg, Angel flowers and the beautiful Lord Moore! xxx

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