The littered streets of Modica

This is the best litter I’ve ever seen, wandering the narrow alleyways and steep stairways of Modica, the paradise of Sicilia. The most beautiful, paper-like petals shed from the Bougainvillea vines that decorate almost every nook, cranny and balcony in Sicilia. So delicate you can’t help but imagine the flowers are growing in your footsteps….

Bougainvillea are native to South America but Europeans can thank this cool chap Louis-Antoine de Bougainville the French Admiral and explorer for discovering the little beauties.

The actual flower of the plant is small and generally white but each cluster is surrounded by bracts which are brightly coloured and what you see here. Bougainvillea commonly known as the ‘paper flower’ for reasons I don’t need to explain!

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2 Responses to The littered streets of Modica

  1. Vic Modica says:

    Not only are the flowers beautiful, but Modica itself, is a sight to see!
    I spent 8 days in Modica & Rugusa

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