Embracing slow

Take a look at this! A beautifully designed biome terrarium by Samuel Wilkinson. It’s explained in a little more detail on Dezeen but in brief it’s climate, water levels and nutrients can all be controlled through a smartphone or ipad application. The idea is to promote ‘digital downtime’ for ipad/smartphone users.

Whilst there is no denying this is a beautiful item and I’m sure there are a lot of people this works for, this isn’t for me. Why not ditch the digital stuff altogether, take a nice walk, buy a nice plant, find a nice place in your pad and take a tiny bit of time out each week to nurture it.

So for those of you who would prefer to embrace slow and quiet, without the need of an app I’ve compiled a little list of lovely gardens to visit…

Chelsea Physic Garden – CPG houses the largest outdoor fruiting olive tree in Britain! Gosh!

Culpepper Community Garden – A London City haven for people who want to grow their own as well as open to the public.

Bonnington Square Garden – Apparently  ‘the Pleasure Garden’!

Hampton Court Palace Gardens – On a quiet day of course!

Hidcote Manor Gardens – One of the National Trust’s treasures.

London Wetland Centre – If you fancy a little bird and wildlife spotting.

Go for Slow! xx

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