Embracing slow

Take a look at this! A beautifully designed biome terrarium by Samuel Wilkinson. It’s explained in a little more detail on Dezeen but in brief it’s climate, water levels and nutrients can all be controlled through a smartphone or ipad application. The idea is to promote ‘digital downtime’ for ipad/smartphone users.

Whilst there is no denying this is a beautiful item and I’m sure there are a lot of people this works for, this isn’t for me. Why not ditch the digital stuff altogether, take a nice walk, buy a nice plant, find a nice place in your pad and take a tiny bit of time out each week to nurture it.

So for those of you who would prefer to embrace slow and quiet, without the need of an app I’ve compiled a little list of lovely gardens to visit…

Chelsea Physic Garden – CPG houses the largest outdoor fruiting olive tree in Britain! Gosh!

Culpepper Community Garden – A London City haven for people who want to grow their own as well as open to the public.

Bonnington Square Garden – Apparently  ‘the Pleasure Garden’!

Hampton Court Palace Gardens – On a quiet day of course!

Hidcote Manor Gardens – One of the National Trust’s treasures.

London Wetland Centre – If you fancy a little bird and wildlife spotting.

Go for Slow! xx

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‘A Flower Wedding’ by Walter Crane


Every once in a while you find a little treasure that you can’t stop peeping at. I found this one in the V&A bookshop last week.

‘A Flower Wedding’ by Walter Crane bound in cream cloth with a gold spine, this is an illustrated story of the marriage of Lad’s Love and Miss Meadow Sweet where Crane takes the opportunity to draw and mention as many flower names as possible! Each page will bring a surge of delight to any illustrator, flower lover or child.


I’ve since started trawling the internet for more of Crane’s books and this could be the beginning of many happy purchases.

From what I have seen Walter Crane (1845-1915) had quite a few strings to his bow. One of the most influential children’s books illustrator of his generation and founded the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society in 1888, to name a few!

Look at some of his other books that I will hopefully be feasting my eyes on very soon.

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The Wedding of Deepak and Cathay

Vintage lace, blue Hydrangea’s and partridge feathers. A beautiful combination for a beautiful couple.

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The littered streets of Modica

This is the best litter I’ve ever seen, wandering the narrow alleyways and steep stairways of Modica, the paradise of Sicilia. The most beautiful, paper-like petals shed from the Bougainvillea vines that decorate almost every nook, cranny and balcony in Sicilia. So delicate you can’t help but imagine the flowers are growing in your footsteps….

Bougainvillea are native to South America but Europeans can thank this cool chap Louis-Antoine de Bougainville the French Admiral and explorer for discovering the little beauties.

The actual flower of the plant is small and generally white but each cluster is surrounded by bracts which are brightly coloured and what you see here. Bougainvillea commonly known as the ‘paper flower’ for reasons I don’t need to explain!

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Hydrangeas for a hen

Super seaside corsage’s I made for my friends hen party in Brighton….The happy amalgamation of craft and flora.

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Promises, promises, promises…

I promised myself I would regularly log all the things I love on here and I’m now horrified to see my last post was December last year. Don’t jump to any conclusions, many things have crossed before me that have been beautiful and made me happy but my days, evenings and dreams have been filled with something else…

The preparation for a wonderful event where I made the most public and magical promise of my life… My marriage to Andrew John Patrick Moore on the 11th June 2011.

It was mostly a DIY wedding and my eager fingers beavered away making all manner of things from crackers…..

and hats to go in crackers…..

a wishing tree surrounded by pretty Sweet Williams………..

name and table places and recycled spaghetti tins filled with sumptuous pink Peonies, delicate Sweet Peas (Lathyrus odoratus) and lively Alchemilla mollis (or Lady’s Mantle to some of you!)

Call me biased  but I blooming love my Bridal Bouquet. With so much to do and the need for relaxation on my wedding morning I decided to hand over the very precious responsibility to the amazing people at Angel Flowers (I’m on their website!) and here it is. WOW.

Amnesia and ocean song Ecuadorian roses, flowering lavender, eucalyptus, brunia albiflora and lamb’s ear..

And if you’re wondering who took these fantastic photo’s it’s Megan Taylor!

Thank you Meg, Angel flowers and the beautiful Lord Moore! xxx

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Fleurs du Maroc

On our last morning in the charismatic coastal town of Essaouira, Morocco, Andy and I went in search of a florist so we could buy some flowers to say thank you to our very sweet housekeeper Latifa. When we finally found one it was closed, we were determined to show Latifa our appreciation so I knocked, and I knocked, and I knocked….. Finally a young florist appeared from the house next door and opened up for us!

The choice was limited. One vase of Lilies, roses, roses and more roses….. so we went with the roses but it was a fruitful experience!

Our french isn’t that great but we managed to find out that the roses are grown in Marrakech, the Lilies and Birds of Prey are grown in Rabat and all foliage is locally grown.

As far as floristry courses go in Morocco, she told us there is only one course run in Rabat so she was taught by her Patron. Although a very simply florist it felt as though it had all the values of a sustainable business run by people with a passion for fleurs.

There are quite a few florists in Marrakech all selling roses and making these crazy and colourful wedding gifts…….

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